About track & trace

About track & trace

The track & trace system for your race trailer fleet. 


It tells you where all your race trailers are and which route they are traveling. It also keeps track of the driven distances. All this information makes it possible to plan not only the most efficient routes to take but also the moment the race trailers should come in for maintenance. Configure yourself the update rate, make your own fleet and add new functionalities. With this flexible solution, all is possible.


  1. Instant insight into the location of your race trailer and the traveled route.
  2. At least four months online when disconnected, due to the powerful and smart battery pack.
  3. Possibility to add more functions.
  4. Clear view in online dashboard, make your own race trailer fleet
  5. Easy to view online on mobile app or desktop

How does it work?

Our solid track & trace unit is standard configured, so when a race trailer is on the move, it sends a message every five minutes. This way you can exactly see where it is and which route it is taking. There is a registration of the driven distances, which makes it possible to plan necessary maintenance. If the material is not moving for a prolonged time, for instance, a resting period of the driver, it will send a message every two hours. The connection will be maintained due to the powerful battery pack.


You can simply manage all the units from your dashboard and create a work layout on the base of your clients, working tasks or other preferences.

About track & trace