Tips for your ad

The process of selling your race trailer can be a tricky one, so here are some hints and tips to help you get the best result. On this page you'll find some tips for avoiding being scammed and other tips to follow as you are selling your race trailer via

  • Be precise in your description of your race trailer, detailing the make and model, year of manufacture, dimensions and other details, major options and its general condition.
  • Avoid abbreviations and jargon that might make it hard to understand for the reader.
  • Keep the words to a minimum, 20 to 30 should be enough to get your message across.
  • Load up as many photos as you have to get the best picture of the trailer for the potential buyer. 

Remember, if you doubt the person offering to buy your race trailer is authentic don’t be pushed into a sale, as you may regret it.