Preparing for sale

To create a good impression on a potential buyer you need to prepare your race trailer so it's looking its best when the buyer arrives.

  • Consider having it detailed by a professional detailer. For a couple of hundred dollars you can have your race trailer cleaned from top to bottom. 
  • If you opt to clean it yourself make sure you clean in all the hard to get at areas, like door openings, office, lockers.
  • Never leave anything lying around the interior or office making them look untidy in the eyes of the buyer.
  • Clean up any residue of polish after you're finished to avoid giving the impression you've just cleaned the racetrailer up to sell it. 
  • Consider having the taillift oil changed a week or two before selling it so it looks nice and clean and the lift will work for demonstation. Doing it a week or two before will mean it won't look too fresh on the day. 
  • Take the time to inflate the tyres to the correct pressure. 
  • Have the racetrailers service record on hand to show the potential buyer that you have had the race trailer serviced regularly. It's another way of demonstrating you've looked after it. 
  • Also have the race trailers title on hand to show that you are the owner of the race trailer you're selling.