Compare: rent or buy a racetrailer?

Renting a race trailer at is nearly always cheaper than buying or financing one yourself. This is possible because we are race trailer specialists who have our race trailers built up from the basic shell with our own design and developments. We order several race trailers at a time and we work with a low interest rate. It won’t get cheaper than this! In fact, to own and maintain your own race trailer, your cost will pan out 36,8% higher than renting one at

Advantages of renting a racetrailer versus buying one:

  • No cost outside the racing season
  • No cash out without cash in
  • No tough discussions with your bank for financing a race trailer
  • No investment needed No financial risk
  • No worries about selling your race trailer (and for how much)
  • No worries about maintenance, repairs or damage
  • No laying up for winter Cheaper than buying a race trailer!

Save up to nearly 37% per year by renting with

Now you can simply rent a race trailer with! Renting means a fixed cost per day week, month or racing season and no worries about laying up, depreciation, punctures, repairs or maintenance. Did you know that buying your own race trailer will cost you up to 36,8% more than renting with us?

What are the differences between renting and owning a racetrailer?

Below we list the main differences between owning a race trailer and renting one with The below calculations are examples.

Cost Owning Renting via
Depreciation per month € 1.350.- Included
Loss of interest per month € 267.- Included
Maintenance and tires per month € 210,00 Included
Insurance per month € 125,00 Included
Laying up (for winter) € 1.250 Included
Total annual cost € 24.674.- This is 36,8% more Expensive than renting € 18.041,- (for 1 racing season)
24/7 Puncture service Europe No Yes
Risk for high maintenance cost Yes No
Fixed monthly cost No Yes
Cost before and after racing season Yes No
Advantage of high purchase volumes No Yes

Please note: The mentioned amounts apply to a new race trailer with our specifications, such as a luxury office, flat screen, LED lights, side door, double deck, space for 4 cars, flexible 2nd floor, Dhollandia 2.000 kg car lift, etc. as displayed on our website. At 1 complete racing season covers 8 months, i.e. 249 days consecutive rent.