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  • Published Thursday 31 August 2023
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Ten Kate Racing Hospitality sale 

 Base hospitality unit:

  • 1 TKR Hospi trailer 1, extendable with fully equipped kitchen, office, meeting room, bathroom and sleeping unit.
  • 1 TKR Hospi trailer 2, cargo trailer with hospi material

This hospitality unit is designed and developed in association with Honda Racing dpt.  We had 3 requirements;

  1. 60 till maximum 100 places hospitality
  2. Possible to build with 4 people in 1.5 day.
  3. Full equipment in 2 trailers. 1 trailer, kitchen – offices and sleep places. 1 trailer cargo

Those 3 requirements were the base four our building project. Honda and our self were fully satisfied with the functionality and outstanding looks. The hospitality got latest upgrades in co-operation with Red Bull Racing in 2018.

Possible to build the hospitality with 4 people in 1 ½ day.

Efficiency packing:
The hospitality has been designed in order to use the extendable unit also as stand-alone. This makes it possible to use the kitchen/office unit also for test as a fully operating single unit. The cargo unit and all interior carriers have been designed to store with a minimum space and a maximum safe-keeping to prevent damage to the items.


Hospi trailer 1:


  • HOBART professional automatic dish wash station
  • HOBART professional hand wash station
  • HOBART professional 3.5m working station for chef
  • FOSTER blast chiller/freezer. (cooling down food – head food to put on cooling)
  • RATIONAL steamer unit
  • HOBART professional Pasta cooker
  • HOBART professional 4 pit stove
  • HOBART professional 2x frying pan
  • HOBART professional 3m cooling station
  • All kitchen material are there to prepare food.

Our chef was able to prepare food for maximum 250 guests a day in several shifts shifts. Kitchen people: 1x chef, 1x helper preparing simple food, cleaning up and monitoring the guest place.


  • Cooling station
  • Coffee corner
  • 3m storage
  • Bathroom included shower. (no toilet)
  • Office for team coordinator – 5 seating places or 2 person bed
  • Air conditioning

The office was used by the team coordinator because it is an central place of the team. Big office upstairs and in the hospi were the people/gusts are.


  • Office, seat places for 15 people
  • 3 tv’s
  • Air conditioning
  • Storage places
  • Sleeping area
  • maximum 8 sleep places. 4 base bed Air conditioning

Big office is an amazing place to organize meetings till 15persons.

Online photoalbum:


Hospi trailer 2:

TKR Base trailer. Fully used for cargo with all material for the hospitality.

Special carriers have been manufactured for easy, efficient and safe storage and transport of all the interior items such as chairs, tables, cabinets, electricity cables, tv’s etc.

For safe and easy set-up a scissor lift is included in the package.

Online Photo album:

Ten Kate Racing would like to sale the full complete hospitality in one sale.

What is included:

  • Hospi trailer 1
  • Full kitchen equipment. (work material for chefs)
  • Water hoses
  • Electric cables
  • Hospi trailer 2
  • Tables and chairs for 60 people
  • Buffet mobile carriers
  • Entry unit carriers
  • Coffee carriers
  • Scissor lift
  • Full tent
  • Floor
  • Water hoses
  • Electric cables
  • Sleeping beds

Both trailers and all equipment have always been sored indoor in our facility in a warm environment.

This includes all furniture, electricity, TV’s, lamps etc.

If you are seriously interested in the purchase of this one of a kind offer, we invite you to come over to our place. Before your arrival, we will build the hospitality in it’s full glory inside our facility. This will give you a perfect view on how complete and unique this all-in deal is.

For more information: teammanager@tenkateracing.com

Technical specifications

  • General
  • Facilities
    • Awning
    • Beds
    • Kitchen
    • Belly lockers
    • Generator
    • Bathroom
    • Hospitality Trailer
    • Racetrailer


  • 1 axle
€   350.000-VAT
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