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  • Published Friday 9 February 2024
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This is your change to get your hands on a unique Ten Kate Racing hospitality trailer. The kitchen/office unit is a fully operating single unit. Let’s take a look at what the hospitality trailer has to offer:


  • HOBART professional automatic dish wash station
  • HOBART professional hand wash station
  • HOBART professional 3.5m working station for chef
  • FOSTER blast chiller/freezer. (cooling down food – head food to put on cooling)
  • RATIONAL steamer unit
  • HOBART professional Pasta cooker
  • HOBART professional 4 pit stove
  • HOBART professional 2x frying pan
  • HOBART professional 3m cooling station
  • All kitchen material are there to prepare food.


  • Cooling station
  • Coffee corner
  • 3m storage
  • Bathroom included shower. (no toilet)
  • Office for team coordinator – 5 seating places or 2 person bed
  • Air conditioning

The office was used by the team coordinator because it is an central place of the team. Big office upstairs and in the hospi were the people/gusts are.


  • Office, seat places for 15 people
  • 3 tv’s
  • Air conditioning
  • Storage places
  • Sleeping area
  • maximum 8 sleep places. 4 base bed Air conditioning

The big office is an amazing place to organize meetings  up till 15 persons.


If you are seriously interested in the purchase of this one of a kind offer, we invite you to come over to our place. Before your arrival, we will build the hospitality in it’s full glory inside our facility. This will give you a perfect view on how complete and unique this all-in deal is.

For more information: teammanager@tenkateracing.com


Technical specifications

  • General
  • Facilities
    • Beds
    • Kitchen
    • Hospitality Trailer


  • 1 axle
€   220.000-VAT
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