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Part of

Chassis and bodywork:
Hospitality Unit with the following areas:
- Ground floor: 4,9x10 metres approx.
- Terrace area: 8x2 metres approx.
- Ramp of entrance, connected until de terrace to access the main door
- First floor: 6x10 metres approx.
Chassis and bodywork:
- Chassis- new and special platform construction, ABS system and pneumatic suspension
- Hydraulic truck legs to level the platform to the ground
- Hydraulic system, to open and close the “walls” and lifting floors
- Each hydraulic has moving regulators and security valves
- Two electronic engines connected to hydraulics and independent monitoring
- Multifunctional remote
- Solenoid valves.
- Hydraulic liquid deposit
- Generator to open and close all hydraulic systems of the Hospitality
- Services locker made by treated tubular structure, doors with safety locks and stainless steel hinges.
- General structure constructed by galvanized tubular profile, all welding zones being treated
- Exterior lining with continuous polyester iron, being reinforced with fiberglass
- Inside stairs from ground floor to first floor
- Automatic door / main entrance
- Slide out in each side of the ground floor
- Slide out in each side of the first floor by hydraulic system
- Exterior venetian lattice/ fence, with glass walls sustained by rectangular aluminium
- Venetian lattice/ Fence between floors, to hide the different difference in between.
405.000€, without VAT

Architecture and design
- Basic and executive project- construction tracking and monitoring
- Air conditioning in ground and first floor. AC remote in every room
- Premium finished goods for floors, walls and roof according to the final project.
- Design and construction of inserted furniture within the truck, according to final Project.
- TV monitors and Audio speakers inserted in the truck, according to final project.
- Addition of electric system, according to final project
- Lighting according to final project. Light inserted in the truck and lamps

Approx. 260.000€, without VAT

Furniture of the Hospitality- to decide

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Office Part Facilities

  • Windows
  • Floor Heating
  • Airconditioning
  • Slide outs
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Table(s)
  • TV (smart)
  • Electrical socket(s)
  • Lightpanels