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For sale: A complete inventory of modern equipment to operate a major hospitality/pr/marketing function at sporting venues across Europe. Package professionally assembled in 2013 to support motor manufacturer World Touring Car Championship programme in Europe. Rated by the WTCC circus as the most attractive and most efficient operation in the paddock. Trailer: Bence 2008 build no:11394. Full length, tandom axle, 13.6 o/l Height 4m Euro legal. Clamshell rear access.6 underfloor lockers Double side door n/s. Single door, steps and platform o/s. Ateso tail-lift 2m wide x 1.6m deep. Fully wired for 3phase/240v. All breaker boxes. Twin batteries for lift with built in charger. Fully wired for interior/exterior lighting. Front office with air conditioning/extra heater, cab 5 and uk/continental sockets, phone jacks. Wired for roof satellite dish system with wi-fi router plus additional wi-fi booster for awning area. TV installed. Side windows. Unique and robust interior wall racking system to carry awning materials, under floor lockers, rear drop legs for stability and levels. Vast quantity of ratchet straps of varied sizes for load security. Awning System: Massive Awning Company 2013 horseshoe awning system that spans both sides of the trailer with a 4 metres rear extension to couple both side awnings to give an uninterrupted and protected 290 square metres of space. Glazed double door entrance, solid lower panels to front and both sides to carry branding graphics (flexible side panels are also available) flexible glazed side and front panels with roll down blinds. Matt black end gable panels are also available in this extensive kit. Spare roof sheets are provided. Variable side exit layouts can be achieved. Can be used as single side awning with front entrance on either side of trailer. Full mud sheets to complete the trim. Complete with all the aluminium spars, hardware, erection safety harness system, spare components, travel bags and accurate layout and assembly drawings. Zarges safety ladder, tall and short step ladders. Awning trims sheet to hide 5th wheel. Flooring: 800 square meters of Swiss made round top abs flooring tiles with edging to suit.200 M2 red and 600m2 grey. Expansion joints. Carried in purpose made stillages that fit the trailer precisely, moved by pallet pump truck supplied in this package. Panels: free standing foamex ali framed display panels for graphics and dividing sections of the awning for meetings etc. Carry bags for panels, carry boxes for the feet. 10 Stegmeier PVC water weight bags with straps for awning weights. Electrical Equipment and lighting: 16 roof spar mounted LED lights from CPC. Colour changing LEDs, cool to touch for safety, hung on rotatable brackets, individual CE22 waterproof and armoured cables within the spars for lower light positions. Remote control of colour change and on/off facility. Carry cases supplied. Trailer has stainless steel plates to carry the connectors with waterproof caps. Wired internally in armoured cable direct to control socket and breaker board. 17 Ground based 16A LED uplighters, cool to touch. Wired in & out to interlink with blue waterproof 16amp male and female connectors. Carry cases supplied. 16 LED programmable colour change light units for mounting on pre-wired roof spars. Trailer professionally wired with armoured cabling and water-proof connectors throughout. 4 off 150watt HQ1 floodlights for internal and external use. Waterproof units and waterproof blue 16amp connectors. Carry cases supplied. 3 off waterproof 5ft striplight wired 16A in and out with blue connectors Waterproof light switch wired 16A in & out 4 off 5m black HO7 1.5mm + 16A plug & connector 2 off 10m black HO7 1.5mm + 16A plug & connector 1 off 15m black HO7 1.5mm + 16A plug & connector 1 off 20m black HO7 1.5mm + 16A plug & connector 1 off 25m black HO7 1.5mm + 16A plug & connector 1 off soft Y adaptor 1 off 13A plug adapter to 16A coupler 1 off 16A plug to 13A socket solid Additional extension leads TVs; Condor Cases flight case on wheels housing 2 off Samsung 50” TV monitors and 2 off twin pole safety base stands, all wiring for power and aerial connections. Race Simulators: 2 off RaceRoom circuit driving simulators with full multi-car WTCC software. Complete travelling race simulator package and service contract. Computer managed system with e-mail address collection key to add participants to your e-mail data base for future marketing contact. WI-FI: built in wi-fi network coupled to satellite dish, with decoder and remote booster giving high power access within the whole awning facility. Satellite Dish system: Roof mount installed and wired into office. 100cm diameter Oyster Internet and mobile satellite dish with automatic search and one-click deployment. Provides broadband internet connection anywhere in Europe. Carries TV connections. All wired to router in office and hard wire links. Additional Apple wi-fi access booster system for broadcast into awning areas. Contract running with BeyondDSL for 10mbps download capacity. Monthly licenses reduces to standby fee for winter. Reception counter: purpose made reception counter in travel case. 2off charger tables with multiple sockets to allow guests to charge their phones and laptops whilst having lunch. Packs into counter unit in travel case. Fire Extinguishers: twin fire extinguisher pack, two units foam and powder mounted on red carry stand for neat placement beside awning door. Tables and Chairs Full inventory of GoPak professional catering chairs and tables on easy to move trolleys. 15 off 5ft round folding tables 1520 x 760 x 698 sealed wood 12 off 1.8 oblong folding tables Japanese Beech 1830 x 760 x 760 1 large table trolley capacity 7 tables 3 off round table trolley capacity each 6 tables 152 Comfort folding chairs with upholstered seat and back charcoal/charcoal 3 off low hanging chair trolleys capacity each 54 chairs. Trilite 1: Aluminium Trilite structure used to form arched entrance zone. 2.2m wide and 2.5m tall uprights with curved top sections. Can be single arch over doorway, 1 metre deep or 2 metre deep with PVC cloth roof panels fixed by cable ties. Trilite 2: Small section aluminium Trilite structure used to carry team graphic banner to mask rear of trailer. 2.5m wide and 4m high with pvc banner holding system. Parasols: 4 off German made 1.5m2 pull up parasols with storm bases Flags poles: 4 off 4.5m one piece aluminium poles with 0.9m swivel banner arms, security chain weights. Various mounting brackets and double clamps to fix poles to awning structure or Trilite. Tools and equipment Pallet Pump truck Tool bag complete set handtools, 100 piece socket set, Makita 18V impact wrench 1/2inch drive impact drive sockets, Makita 12v drill, Stacking Case ratchet straps Stacking case hardware/spare fixings/clips/pins and chains Stacking case Awning system spares, clamps, spacers bars, safety bars, flag pole mounts Stacking case Velcro and fixing materials Stacking case cleaning materials Electric kettle First aid kit Truck cleaning kit, 80 metres hose, connector set, extendable cleaning brush thru handle water, extendable sqeegy, 2 off cleaning buckets, can traffic film remover, can and dispenser for brake cleaner, Clothing: 4 off Dickies 2-piece wet suits, 4 pairs wellington boots and socks, 6 off hard hats for use during awning erection. Pack of nylon working gloves, Helmets: 16 off Stilo open-face helmets and paper balaclavas used for VIP track rides safety.

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