Passion for racing is not just an address where you can hire a race car transporter or race trailer. The founder and team of have one thing in common; Passion for racing!

Transportation of race car demands and specific knowledge of both race trailers and racing. Who knows best what kind of race car transporter a good race trailer should meet? You as a team member of course.

Want to hire a race car transporter? We have a large fleet of race car transporters for hire. offers flexible options for racetrailer rentals, even if you need to hire a race transporter right away. We supplement our trailer rental program with a number of valuable services, so you can be sure we are there for you 24/7. The race transporters we offer in our fleet can transport 2 cars, 3 cars or even 5 and 6 race cars.

We are drivers ourselves and know exactly what’s important in both the car racing industry and in the world of race trailers. Focus your attention on running the racecars and let us deal with the transport trailer issues. We’re more than happy to help you out with an excellent race car transporter that fits you! The racing passion is in us.

"We are driven to get your cars on pole position"