Racetrailer.com, here to help you out with transport requirements

Now firmly established in international motorsport, Racetrailer.com has become Europe’s number 1 provider of transport solutions for motorsport teams. Rental of race trailers including 24/7 mobility service, sales of new and used race trailers, rental of trucks and an innovative platform for teams to sell or buy used race trailers: it is all provided by Racetrailer.com.
About us

Filling the gap

“Over the years, I noticed that transport often caused worries and problems for race team owners. Some were only looking for temporary solutions, some wanted their own trailers, but didn’t really know where to go, some wanted to sell their trailer, others wanted to buy a used one, but there was no real platform for them. That is how I got the idea to start this business, filling in the gap,” Reinders explains.

Superb after-sales service

“We pride ourselves in giving excellent value for money in Europe, superb after-sales service and we believe we cannot be beaten in providing vehicles to our customers which are at the very best level of engineering and hire prices. We supplement our rental program with a number of valuable services, so you can be sure we are there for you 24/7. If you want to rent, buy or sell a race trailer or a racecar transporter, contact us! Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or you ask us for a quotation right now. We speak English, Dutch and German.”


The company Rent-a-racetrailer specializes in the rental of race car transporters or so-called race trailers. “We have a large fleet of car transporters based in The Netherlands. We have many configurations of race trailers, they can transport two cars, three cars or even five cars, some of them also include office space.  Our race car transporters are unique in design to give optimum space, weight and general appearance of the vehicle,” Reinders sums up. 

“We understand the requirements of our customers and always endeavour to rent out our trailers to suit their sometimes complex transport issues. The use of all available space is ensured to carry not only cars, but also to carry the often enormous amount of (pit) equipment and spare parts. Our clients can choose from a number of race car transporters which they use all in series, championships and events over of Europe, including Formula 1, FIA WRC, Blancpain GT Series, FIA WTCC, F3, FIA WRC, the German VLN series, FIA ETCC and many others. Our staff are multi-talented and experienced in renting bespoke vehicles, well trained, motivated and encouraged to communicate with our customers.”